Pat Nolan


I have trained dogs since 1975 and retrievers for hunting and field trials since 1980. I retired from training retrievers for the field in Dec of 2015.

I am a contractor offering canine training and consulting primarily for units within the DOD and our allies.  

My broad background in training and handling a variety of animals and my foundation in obedience have instilled in me a lifelong passion for learning, and for acquiring and using the most efficient and effective training techniques.

I have traveled and competed from northern Florida to northern Ontario. For many years, my family traveled with me, spending winters in South Carolina and summers in Canada and Vermont. I retired from competing in retriever field trials in 1999. I retired from training retrieves for the field in Dec of 2015.  


A few of the national publications that have featured my training articles:
Articles published in Retriever Field Trial News
Articles published in The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc YearBook
I am a co-author of WaterFowl Hunting Published by the NRA.
Articles published in the Golden Retriever News field dog issue.

From a press release:

Pat continually strives to find new and better ways to present information. He is particularly interested in ways to motivate an animal’s desire to learn. This approach underpins his successful work with dogs and is Pat’s stock in trade. He has trained many dogs to the AKC Master Hunter level, including Chesapeakes, Flat-Coats, and the first Irish Water Spaniel Master Hunter. Pat personally trained 11 dogs that went on to complete their Field Champion titles. In addition, he trained and helped develop dogs that were awarded nine other Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion titles. He has placed Labs, Goldens, and Flat-Coats in Field Trials, and trained dogs that were finalists in both the National Open and National Amateur Championships.
Training History

Work with obedience has played an important role in shaping Pat’s training approach. During the 1970s and 1980s he learned and taught the Koehler Method in obedience classes and for training guard dogs. From this experience he applies the lessons of canine good citizenship to training retrievers, believing that it’s important that dogs and owners enjoy a safe and happy relationship, whether at home or hunting in the field. In addition to his work with dogs, Pat trained and handled deer, dogs, birds, and pigs for television and films, and trained and flew several species of hawks. Pat’s creativity is evident in the work he did with hawks, where he learned how to devise motivational training set-ups and apply these techniques to dog training.

Pat Nolan

Began training professionally in 1975 in Denver, Colorado working for a start-up guard dog company.

In the early 1980’s, Pat taught Koehler Method obedience classes in Hagerstown, Maryland. Several hundred dogs successfully completed the Novice classes. The graduation requirements for the Novice class were those used for the Companion Dog exam in the AKC obedience ring. He also taught the Open class, where dogs of all breeds learned the force fetch.

Trained and bred German Shepherd Dogs. Pat was active in the Greater Washington, D.C. Schutzhund Club. Schutzhund competitions test dogs in tracking, obedience and protection work.

During a short venture into AKC obedience competitions in the early 1980’s Won a High in Trial in Novice with a score of 199.5 out of 200.

Trained and handled animals for television and movies, working with crews from Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York.

Held a Master Class Falconry Permit; trained and hunted Red Tails, Coopers Hawks, and Harris Hawks, both wild trapped and captive breed.

B.A., business, Wheeling Jesuit University, 2001.

Member and past secretary-treasurer, Professional Retriever Trainers Association.
Highlights of Pat’s Record
Dogs Titled While in Training

FC-CFC Pinewoods Willie Makeit MH

FC Westwind’s Magpie MH

FC-AFC Hawkeye’s Lucky Kid

FC-AFC Kerrybrook’s Goodtime Girl

FC-AFC Hawkeye’s Capital Gain (made his FC while in training with us)

FC-AFC Hawekye’s Candlewood Shadow

FC Broadreach Pebbles MH
Dogs Receiving Substantial Training

FC-AFC Firetails Three Bars

FC Midnight’s Madness

FC-AFC ReRun Him Again

AFC Screemin Yellow Zonker

FC-AFC Mistfield’s Red Zinger

FC-AFC Just Whistlin’ Dixie

Lester Young QAA Open Win


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